Ms De Vil Moves to The ‘Burbs!

Somewhere in the metropolis is a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown as she had forgotten how stressful moving house can be.Okay maybe not a nervous breakdown but definitely bordering screeching harridan! Trying to deal with packing up your life into boxes, finding someone trustworthy enough to transport it across London without losing it or damaging it and dealing with fuckwit letting agents can test the nerves of the most patience person, seeing as I have little patience anyway you can only imagine the nightmare I am turning into. This is why I haven’t been blogging much (read at all) lately.

To be fare The Goth has been pretty helpful actually more than helpful, he’s organised and paid for the van and helped a lot, mainly by painting over the badly hair dyed stained walls in the bathroom and also agreeing that the letting agent is being outrageous for thinking that it’s quite reasonable to insist the flat is professionally cleaned by their one and only recommended cleaner at £300. Cue me buying a steam cleaner and hiring a rug doctor and telling in quite polite terms (a rarity for me) to basically shove her quote up her bum!

This move also part of a massive shift in direction of where my life is heading. When I turned thirty I finally felt comfortable in my own skin, stopped caring what people thought and started living my life for me. Several crappy relationships later, still in the same soul destroying evil day job and about to turn thirty five I am none the less just as happy no actually happier with who I am, though slightly disappointed, albeit be shallow and vane, that I have been boring and complacent with my appearance as of late. Even colleagues have commented that I am not being usual self. I have blamed the continual rain for the last few months for basically dampening my creativity. A poor excuse but one none the less. I’m happy because despite all the crap that gets thrown at me, I have friends who care and a partner who seems to be impervious to my craziness and laughs at my insane, offbeat, black humoured jokes which usually get a tumbleweed response from others! In fact we laugh a lot, mainly at other people and at each other but we do it together and that is what matters. So we’re moving into together, it appears I have taken the first tentative steps to being a full time part time responsible adult! I have a step daughter that doesn’t think I’m evil, though bribery of rock magazines and cool clothes has helped, in fact in all reality we get on pretty well without the bribery.

So things are changing for the better, time to leave these bachelorette pad and move onto new pastures, the suburbs! (cue gentle weeping) and not just any suburbs, the suburbs of ESSEX! See if that doesn’t scream true love I don’t know what does! OK it might not be that bad as it’s only temporary until we finish decorating his house, and the renting prices have dropped from extortionate to overpriced once the olympocalypse is over and we can move back into the city. It has it’s advantages, more money for one, which means I can actually afford to go out once in a while without relying on the Bank of Boyfriend (though 0% interest rate is very good), cocktails with my girls after work in the city has already been established as requisite of having to commute through the city. I’m actually looking forward to be being able to afford to go places as well as I am jettisoned out of my comfortable rut of not doing very much over the last few years, time to be sociable again, though since meeting The Goth I have visited on more holidays/mini breaks in the last ten months than I have in the previous three years put together and Nemo’s (the stepkid) interest in art and music means lots of visits to galleries and museums which had reignited my love of gigging and wandering aimlessly round galleries and museums for hours getting lost in time.

So that is why I have been such a bad blogger lately.That and I have been moving this blog over to here and been setting it up, I figured with the move and all might as well changed the blog as well as it had been on the cards for a while. So anyway that was an update of life as we know it, regular blogging will be back after the move and holiday and hopefully my next post won’t be about me sobbing in my martini about hurtling towards forty as the speed of a Japanese bullet train!

Ms D