Song Lyric of the Day

So I was watching for the first time in years Kerrang TV. The show was supposedly the top 100 snarliest rock songs. Me and Kerrang have to have a chat about what constitutes as snarliest, Sum 41 are not snarly! Anyhoo, they managed to throw in a few Metallica vids to balance it out. I’ve loved Metallica since like forever (well since I was 13 which accounts for in my lifetime almost forever) and they played St Anger. Pretty cool video filmed in a real life prison, though when it comes to lyrics only one line stands out. I don’t know whether that because the line is so good I forget the rest of the lyrics or the fact that the rest of lyrics are mediocre and it’s the one good line. Either way song lyric of the day is

‘I’m Madly in Anger with You!’

St Anger by Metallica