Are Tattooed Women Classless?

Tattoos have become apart of modern culture, in fact in the summer months it is quite common to find someone to be inked with even the smallest of design. People get tattoos for a number of different reasons, I myself have one and plan on getting a few more. Why? To be honest because I just like them, I have been fascinated with this form of body art as far back as I can remember.

The other week someone posted a link whereby a girl wrote an article stating that tattooed women were classless? This is the link to the article.

Now I know many tattooed women, some happen to be heavily tattooed and I can assure you none of them are classless? Why? Because unlike the writer of the article they are far more open minded and tolerant of other peoples choices. To be honest is was very hard to take this article seriously, in fact I burst out laughing at several points due to the obsolete and archaic views this woman expressed. At times it almost felt bitter like some tattooed woman had crossed her path and this was her reaction. Also if her idea of a classy women is to objectify herself by parading around in an amazing pair of heels just to please the male eye, then quite frankly she also has some self esteem issues.

I wonder if this article was written with a hidden agenda as her blog posts which are completely unrelated to this topic have relatively low readership, but whatever Lisa Khoury’s intentions are, she needs to stop hating on other women and giving basically crap advice and also learn what having class actually means. Everybody should have the right to do what the hell they like with their body and not be judged for it!