100 Hundred Channels and There’s Nothing On!

So I’m forever saying I really must watch less TV, not that I actually watch it. When I first lived on my own I put the telly on for company, then it just went on out of habit, then I would get sidetracked watching some mindless crap usually a repeat and getting distracted from doing something more interesting like a craft project or watching one of the many films piling up waiting to be viewed. Well it seems like someone was listening as I can home on Wednesday to find the Freeview box dead as a Dodo!ย  Yep one day I had an array of channels running endless repeats thanks to the digital revolution down to a measly five channel on regular analogue TV and even these get switched off in April so that digital telly can take over completely.

So for the last two nights it actually has been quite nice mainly because you don’t realise how much it interferes with even simple things like relaxing. Last night I actually managed to get to bed at a decent hour and read two pages of my book before crashing out instead of watching another episode of Family Guy. Don’t get me wrong I love Family Guy but BBC3 really needs to get some new programs in.

So I’ve decided not to replace it for a few reasons. The main one is that it is just a big distraction, yes it does have some great programs and documentaries on it now but to be honest I can now watch most of those online thanks to the iplayer channels. Secondly I have far to many DVDs and movies to get through. If I really want to watch something it will be something that is waiting to be watched rather than staying in the maybe tomorrow I’ll watch it pile, in fact I have so many DVDs to watch I might make my own programming schedule of programmes and films to watch. Also as the TV, which can now be declared vintage is on its last legs, any new TV bought will more than likely be digital ready and lastly if me and the Goth are moving in together as we plan, do we really need to double up on stuff? Plus he has Virgin and a Love Film account.

So my wish to stop watching more telly has been granted the hard way as I obviously have no will power. However as a recycler I managed to salvage a 250GB hard drive from it as it was a Freeview recorder box, so even though I didn’t get to watch the Superbowl Game I recorded on Sunday night or some of the cool films I recorded off late night telly I now hopefully have a new hard drive for storage once I buy a caddy for it.

So I guess I’m off to do something less boring instead!