A Conspiracy Theory (Or Why I Hate The Boots Weighing Machine!)

So as you know I am on a health kick this month to try and get off to a start of loosing a few inches off my expanding gut. So we are on day 20, I have been good, it’s been tough but I have been good. The no wheat, no meat and no sweet so far has been a success and instead of eating fatty foods my daily diet has been replaced my lots of fresh fruit, veg, fish and low GI carbs, actually this week has been a vegetarian week as I slightly overdosed on fish last week to the point where I couldn’t even look at it. I have also been doing some exercise and doing my regular 45 minute walk to and from work everyday. Anyway despite being knocked for six by a bout of tonsillitis I’m still kicking the comfort food cravings to the curb and this morning I stepped on the scales to see that since the beginning of January I have lost about 8lbs and also lost two inches off my waist and two inches off my pot belly and an inch off my bust, so about 5 inches in all. So whilst out picking up stuff I thought I’d check on the Boots weighing machine to see if my BMI and body fat % had also changed as I’m in the poor category for both.

Now here’s where I get slightly confused, according this machine which measures your height, weight and body fat through supposedly fancy electric sensors claims that I have a) only lost 2lbs and b) have the same body fat % since the last time I used this machine before Christmas (or just after I can’t remember). Now there are three possible explanations for this

  1. The Boots weighing machine is broken
  2. My scales are broken and the inch loss is a figment of my imagination
  3. The boots scale is an evil liar designed to make you think your fat so you buy their dieting products!

I’m going with theory number three as the machine to take great delight in loudly informing the whole store that your are now being weighed, thankfully it doesn’t announce your weight but I think it could if it would. Anyway I refuse to believe that all this hard work hasn’t paid off and I’m suffering for no good reason as my body kicks all the toxins out. So Boots you owe me 70p for your lies!