Day 5: The Grumpasaurus

There really isn’t much to blog about in January especially as the Metropolis is still getting over its New Year’s hangover. The weather has been slighty breezy to say the least and the return to work has been more painful than I expected after a reality check by some of the stupid people I have to deal with on a daily basis, mainly the one’s who appear to get their law degrees from some the same kid behind the bike shed handing out fake ID’s!!

Anyhoo, so work is crap nothing new there, the health kick is going well and the eating healthy part is not that challenging, however staying away from the christmas  snacks and chocolates that people are bringing into the office is a little more trying and today of all days I have the detox purge cold. Say what? I hear you ask. This is the cold and cough you get as your system purges out all the crap as you fill body with healthy food and vitamins. Combine all the above factors with nicotine withdrawal, sugar withdrawal and a nice bout of PMT cramps I feel I am well within my right to seek refuge under my duvet until at least February or at least punch an idiot in the face, you pick!

Ok so I may be over reacting slightly but January is really quite a shit month, this whole new year thing is a bit of anti climax. A new year but pretty much all else stays the same. Work colleagues are still arseholes, the public transport system is still over priced and useless and for some unknown reason going to tesco’s to get some eggs is like dealing with an impending natural disaster, despite us having survived the Millenium and several raptures, people are taking the Mayan prophecy thing quite seriously!

Yes I am the Grumpasaurus, hear me roar!