Day 2

Well the year got off to an interesting start but it all seems to be working out for the best. Goth Geek has let me commandeer the Wii fit, luckily there were no hysterical tears as it weighed me and told me how unfit I was just hysterical laughter from GG as he watched me attempt the steps exercise. Let’s just say I ain’t no Tinkerbell. I managed another 45 minutes today, unfortunately I don’t have a Wii in my flat but I do have a hula hoop and steps machine. Also it’s all about the little changes such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, living on the 6th floor should make some difference by at least giving me thighs that can crack walnuts!

The blanket wide ban on alcohol, cigarettes, dairy products, meat and wheat is now in force after a another bout of stomach cramps yesterday, oh and sugar is also being cut down. it’s gonna be tough as I am a junkaholic but I keep telling myself it’s for the best, well obviously it for the best as a woman of my age and it my current health condition and family history is heading for disaster. To early to tell but at least no cramps as of yet.

January for me is traditionally a chill out month, recharge the batteries after a month of indulgence and partying and dealing with the general chaos that is christmas, I plan on doing that this year as well, also the purse strings need tightening as this year have lots of adventures planned so need to save the pennies. Friends have already been warned that they may not see me till February when I re-emerge to be sociable and hopefully slightly more invigorated, it’s slightly hard to be sociable when you’re on a detox and surround by so much temptation.

Anyway that’s enough of me harping on, now have to make back to the metropolis and mentally prepare myself returning to the reality that is work, it feels like ages since I’ve been in that hellhole, it’s been bliss!