Out With The Old?

Traditionally new year is all about out with the old and in with the new etc etc! However there are some things from the year 2011 that I will be bringing over with me to the year 2012 and that is the great relationships I have forged last year with a few wonderful people. For instance Miss Lottie, the eternal drama queen but a wonderful friend, the Geeky Goth with whom I have found a soul mate in, The Sproglet who came as an unexepected bonus with Geeky Goth. of course there have been friendships that have gone from strength to strength like with the fabulous Ms Envy Green, the most glamorous person I ever met and the most fun, her free spirit for ever inspires me. Then there’s Little Pixie Jo who despite being lost half the year in a whirlwind of love still has time to cook us scrumptious pies and knit with us. Then there are my work colleagues, some have definitely proved their worth this year, others are going to be continually ignored until they learn to get a life! Of course there is my family, no words need saying.

I also bring with me the wisdom learned from my mistakes, the knowledge that life is to be lived and loved and if you’re not having fun then you’re doing it right!

I look forward to many more adventures with these people and also to making new acquaintances and strengthening old acquaintances.

2012 I feel you’re gonna be a good one!