It’s All In The Maths!

I whole heartedly admit to being crap at maths, it’s not for the want of trying. I almost made it into the top class for GCSE’s at school but missed out by one per cent so you’d think I’d be at least good at maths if not average, well think again, for some unknown reason numbers just confuse me, the amount of times I’ve completed a soduko puzzle felt proud of my self only to realise that I’ve appeared to have just entered the numbers randomly in the grid! Also dates confuse me as well, certain number combinations just baffle me and even though I say it correctly in my head what gets written down is completely different. This little quirk is part of the reason why I’m so crap at handling my finances, the other is just lack of organisation.Maybe I should just hire an accountant!

This year hasn’t been easy, a looming recession (financial sources tell me that the real recession is yet to come!), a pay freeze second year running, rising living costs hasn’t made living on my own easy but like with everything I look at it as challenge albeit a challenge I’m not really winning but then I have sunk every spare penny into either trying to set up a business or taking a holiday for the first time in three years, so it’s swings and roundabouts. The business, though never intended to be a big venture anyway, didn’t really work for me, having a full-time job and trying to make things to order doesn’t leave much time for anything except sleep. Plus in this financial climate people just aren’t that willing to part with what little cash they have even for one of custom-made pieces, so it’s on the back-burner for a while and I’m just going to concentrate on crafting for fun and filling up the Etsy shop with goodies and hoping it makes a few extra pennies on the side.

Next year, like every year (this is a rolling resolution) I resolve to sort out my finances and for it to be a bank charge free year and maybe even save some money. I with the best of every intention plan not to spend too much money, or course I plan on having days out and fun with my friends, something I really do much of last year but that doesn’t mean I have to break the bank. As with everything I going to make it a challenge (damn this competitive nature of mine), however on the upside of being broke after christmas means that the get healthy resolution is off to a good start as I can’t afford any of the tempting treats!