Hi Ho, It’s On The Treadmill I Go!

Somewhere in the Metropolis (yes I’m back) there is a woman cursing at trying to get on her size 12 jeans and throwing her bathroom scales out of the window of her sixth floor flat! Ok maybe that is a slight exaggeration but the thought had crossed my mind plus i can’t keep afford to using the evil scales at Boots, you the one that insists on announcing to the netire store that you’re being weighed and to stand still while it does it, like your some naughty child.ย  Anyway after four days of lounging around and being spoilt rotten at the OH’s for christmas I may have put of a few pounds, added to the weight I gained last christmas and during this summer lets just say I’m looking a little podgy and leave it at that! But i am determined to get healthy, there are only three days left of the year so I am getting a head start on my health and body overhaul. The last of the cigarettes have been smoked, the sugar is being cut down on as we speak and my yogic breathing exercises are being practised for the short temper I am about to get as one’s body goes through withdrawal from all the crap I have been feeding it over the last few months.

I keep telling myself it’s for the greater good, my diet is appalling considering the stomach problems I have and my waistline only encourages that heart attack or stroke that seems to plague one side of the family or other! Plus I have no money or the space to buy or store new clothes! So I’ve dusted of the recently acquired steps machine,dug out the yoga video from pile of unwatched DVD’s and cleared all breakables out the way for the hula hooping! So I currently weigh in at 12st6lb (yep you read that right) and plan on losing 2 stone by the beginning of summer, I figure as it’s harder to work off weight when you hit your mid thirties, this should be a workable timeframe.ย  I may even resort to drastic measures and stick a fat photo on my fridge to remind me of my goal! I don’t want to be skinny, I just want to be healthy and not worry.

I shall bore you with my progress as to how I get on!

2 thoughts on “Hi Ho, It’s On The Treadmill I Go!

  1. Sigh, l know whar you mean but km starting from a 14. Then again lve been the same weight my entire adult life and we only get one..so let's not get too SAS or mad about it ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I am about a 14 at the moment, i don't plan on going overboard just want to get back to be a healthy decent weight for my age and height.


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