Looking Back

Somewhere in the Metroplis ‘Burbs it is about 1pm and I’m still lounging around in bed reading blog posts and drinking tea after declaring that spending a day opening presents, eating and watching The Walking Dead really is hard work! Actually this Christmas has been a good one after a few dodgy years. I never really overly get excited about christmas as I always find it too much stress, say for instance two Christmases ago I was on the verge of an exhaustion related breakdown and last year I ended up on my own kitten sitting for my sister because I had been let down by a family member at the last-minute and really just couldn’t be arsed with being sociable, so decided to get some practice in for my impending spinsterhood by looking after some cats. Ironically it turned out family wise I had the better christmas out of everybody!

This year I have been uncharacteristically over excited about christmas verging beyond annoying, even the office twat monkeys haven’t been able to break my spirit and that is saying something. Why you ask, apparently Love! In May my life significantly changed for the better, without venturing into the realm of soppiness lets just say after many years of doomed and failed relationships and without jinxing it I have finally found someone who make me extremely happy, he also has a daughter who also makes me very happy. I never imagined my life this way maybe that’s because I was too blinkered by everyone around me telling me what should be, but I ignored them took a chance and it paid of royally! This means the course of my life has veered slightly off course to its original destination, this of course does not bother me and it just means new adventures on the horizon.

Next years plans have been altered slightly, this time last year the plans that were laid were with the best of intentions started of with a new relationship that went horribly sour very quickly but had to happen to appreciate what I have now and also inspire me to take more risks, some risks paid off , some didn’t that’s life! This years plans mainly involve being a bit more selfish, which includes things like listening to myself a bit more rather being persuaded by everyone else what is a good thing or not, taking better care of myself for health reasons and spending a lot more time with my friends and loved one after spending this year cooped up working my arse off and missing out on stuff.

I guess this year has been a learning curve but all for the greater cause, people come and go, the work witch will still hate me for no reason other than her own self worthlessness, work is still crap, good friends are still there no matter how many times you say you can’t come out due to workย  commitments and no matter how crazy you are you will find someone to love you unconditionally!

Here’s to more new adventures next year.