So for some unknown reason November is always the worst month for me, it’s always filled with drama of some kind. This year both my dad and brother ended up in hospital in unrelated incidents, thankfully both are fine and on the mend but the worry can take its toll. Also it meant I forgot to do a commission and ended up knocking out two dresses over the course of two evenings, so despite cancelling a craft fair to make more time for myself I ended up with barely anytime at all this month. So all this along with the evil day job meant stressed induced insomnia and any sleep that had been got was plagued with very unsettling dreams.

So NaNoWroMo ended up a bust and only got 20% of it done however my plan is now the novel is started to keep adding to it when I can. As for the rest of the resolutions and in case you forgot here they are

  • Now that the flat is tidy, keep it that way. As a crafter my tiny nest quickly turns into chaos with stuff buried beneath mounds of material and paper.
  • Get to work early so I can leave early therefor have more time in the evening to do stuff. As I am not a morning person and particularly partial to my bed this is a challenging one.
  • Get into shape and lose some weight. I have started a health regime about a million times this year plus some of my clothes have become too snug for comfort so need to sort myself out!
  • What less crap on TV and actually watch the DVDs and programmes I have saved up. This list is getting pretty extensive.
  • Complete NaNoWriMo this year!

Well the flat is still pretty much tidy but I’m due to start crafting my handmade christmas gifts so it probably won’t last much longer.

The lack of sleep has made getting up early harder and has been hit and miss.

Get into shape and lose some weight has been a total fail. I went to Boots and weighed myself. Note to self do not check bank balance and weigh yourself in public on the same day as it is not good for your self-esteem. So it turns out not only am I’m overweight by about a stone, my body fat content is considered poor! My waist measurement is not exactly healthy either and having heart problems running down both sides of the family and at my age I really need to start be more healthy. So luckily I have managed to get my hands on a steps machine and will be able to do some extra exercise in the evening and have decided to take up some kind of dance course in the new year.

TV has been watched less, DVDs are still stacked up waiting to be watched so one out two is better than none!

So I’ve decided next year will be a ME year. I need to stop spreading myself so thin and take time out and concentrate on sorting myself out.Β  So next year there will be one resolution and that is to take better care of myself and everything else can wait. Obviously life is never that simple so I expect to come across adversity of some kind and no doubt bore you to death blogging about it.