Where There’s a Will, There’s A Relative!

Working in the environment that I do I come across some interesting customers. I use the word interesting as apparently mental is politically incorrect! Usually it involves some one yelling down the phone because they think just because of who you work for they have the right to do so and other times things that generally have nothing to do with us but insist on badgering us with.

Take today for instances, a woman phone up for advice over her parents property. After finally figuring out what exactly she was going on about I discover that the parents bought the house but the son stumped up the mortgage, even though his name is not the title deeds he and his parents entered into a deed of trust which is the perfectly sensible thing to do when you are investing so much money into something that at the end of the day does not have your name on it! It’s perfectly legal and a common practice. So what the problem you ask? Well it turns out the sister is not happy with this and she wants to know if it is allowed because she thinks her brother is on the fiddle, I explain that this is perfectly normal and happens all the time but if she’s not happy go and seek independent legal advice knowing full well she’s not going to get anywhere. So it turns out that dad has passed away a while ago and mum is on her last legs so soon the house will be up for inheritance. Know I obviously don’t know the in’s and out’s of this families relationship but from experience in this kind of situation there is always someone out there accusing someone of doing the dirty, as the saying goes where there’s a will, there are relatives.

Judging by what she was saying she was more worried about her brother (who by the way has been paying for this house) was going to get his hands on it, than her poor elderly mother who’s about to cark it! You can spend all your time worrying about what’s yours and what you think you’re owed but at the end of the day you come into this world with nothing and you leave with nothing, everything in between is a bonus!