A Whiter Shade of ….

Whilst having a catch up chat with a friend the other day on the phone she asked me if people treat me differently once they find out I’m mixed race. Now this is not as random a question as you think as we are both mixed race of white/black parentage except I pass for white and she for black. I pondered this for a moment and replied to be honest not really except for a few people at work.

Having grown up in a multicultural family with me and my siblings resembling in every photo shot a United Colours of Benetton advert me and all my siblings have experienced some sort of backhanded racism at some point, one of siblings who is much darker than the rest of us has experienced overt racism to himself which when we were younger usually resulted on me either threatening or actually pounding the living daylights out of said racist, he experiences it more so now in his line of work but unfortunately that is just a downside of his job. Myself have been called a white bitch and am ignored by the Work Witch in the office because quite frankly I am not black enough! However when you are a whiter shade people tend to take racism towards you less seriously, apparently it’s not as bad because you haven’t experienced slavery! I usually refrain from pointing out neither have they and actually my mother is from a country that was used as a slave trading post and it is highly more likely that I have ancestors that were slaves than they do but I can’t keep bothering to keep waste my breath on people who use the past to defend their opinions and behaviours.

Anyway the whole conversation got me thinking, for 99.9% of people they don’t give a flying monkey what shade of colour I am mainly because I live in  the most multi cultural city in the world, they’re actually more interested in which shade of colour I’m going to dye my hair next. Though i did have a giggle when one person told me they thought all mixed race people were the same colour like milky coffee, which prompted me to start off on my genetics lecture until they looked so confused I thought their head wa going to explode. Being mixed raced, multi cultural or whatever the politically correct term is these days does definitely have its advantages such as being mixed race means that genetic anomalies are more likely to be cancelled out. I personally have found being raised in multicultural family that it has opened my mind more, made me more accepting of different things and willing to accept all creeds, races, religion etc because sitting on the metaphorical fence means I can see both sides.

As for the ignorant people, well as the old saying goes we all bleed the same colour but apparently this is not enough for them. The saying that I also get judge for the way I dress and wear my hair so I guess that says more about them than it does about me. I dunno it’s a tricky subject and everybody has a different opinion but it just got me thinking and this is what this blog is all about, me thinking and writing it down.