Changes of Direction

So finally the weekend is here, it’s been an odd week of decision-making. I have finally decided after a year and a bit of trying to knock commissioned based craft and sewing projects on the head and go back to crafting and sewing for myself. There is a combinations of reasons for this but mainly lack of time. I have found that people are way too picky and unreliable or not communicative enough, with the little spare time that I actually have and the fact that I only just breaking even if I’m lucky the tiredness and stress is not worth it. But I gave it a go and that is what counts I guess. I feel happier and weight off my shoulders now. If the evil day job wears me out as it often does I can home without feeling guilty for not doing any crafting. In fact one of the bonus’ of this is that my creativity seems to have returned in that now I’m not working to a rule or deadline I find myself more inspired as I’m not so blinkered anymore. Last night was the first night I had been out in ages for a dinner and movie with a friend and made me realised how much I had actually missed it.

Also life changes direction when you least expect it. This time last year I was free and single, now I’m settled in a relationship with my partner and his daughter, so the focus on what is important changes and responsibilities get shifted. Oddly and I never thought I’d hear myself say this but this change suits me well and I have no problem with taking on the dynamics of a modern family.

NaNoWriMo seems to be NaNoNoGo at the moment, November for some unknown reason is always a busy month for me and trying to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days is one of those ridiculous things I’m convinced that I can fit in but know that in reality it’s not gonna happen. I might take it up gain in January when the winter is bleak and everybody is skint and I’ll a few spare hours on my hands.

The Resolutions are going so well either, overslept twice this week and the diet appears to have gone out the window again! However I did bake and decorate a themed cake from scratch which turned out pretty good and start making my christmas presents so swings and roundabouts I guess!

This weekend is meeting the in-laws for the time, hopefully I won’t make a massive twat of myself!