Office Life

Dear customers,

If you would like your 9 page complaint letter to be taken seriously, then may I suggest the following?

•When requesting an apology over your intelligence being insulted it always good to make sure that you have a solid and reasonable argument and not go off on some random tangent which had nothing to do with the point in question. Oh and actually have a modicum of intelligence to back up your statement.


•Learn grammar!

•Repeating the same inane point over and over again does not make you right!

•Don’t make crap up like we don’t have access to your previous pointless complaint letters and we won’t check and inform you of inconsistencies!

•Actually have something to complain about.

Obviously I could go on but I think this should be enough to get you on your way to being a successful complainer who gets taken seriously.

Now stop bothering me because unlike you I have work to get on with.

Yours sarcastically