Things I Do To Avoid NaNoWriMo!

During the day at work I think of many things I think would be a good topic to write about, by the time I get home either I have forgotten, changed my mind or been distracted by something else which quite frankly doesn’t make for a good writer.

This weekend I bailed on NaNoWriMo completely as we went to Manchester to visit some of the OH’s friends. It was nice apart from the walk we accidently took though the red light district! I don’t know why I was also expecting it to be bigger and more busy but it was still lovely. This week the NaNoWriMo will no doubt suffer more as I attempt to bake a cake, catch up with friends, watch movies and do my knitting homework oh and meet the inlaws for the first time!

As you can see I have now put a word count widget in the sidebar so you can see my lack of progress and maybe at somepint this week I will add more words to it or not. Or maybe I might actually find an interesting topic to write about on here but who we kidding?