It dawned on me that I’m very much in tune with the seasons, I move with them like the tide as each one rolls in and out. In the winter I tend to be me more sombre with an urgent desire to rest and recharge, the darker days make me want to hunker down and hibernate, I become less social… View Post

So I finally closed my old Etsy shop, things have been slow for a while and as much as I love vintage and it’s been a very good sideline for me,  to the point where it became so busy it took over and became my mainline, it’s time to get back to being creative. As sales decline, the break from… View Post

  It’s nearly the end of the financial year and I find myself winding up one little business to start focusing on a new one. I had a little moment on twitter because sometimes successes don’t feel like a success because it doesn’t fall withing the conventional parameters. Success like most things is subjective but in a world obsessed with… View Post

Winter has dragged this past season and in the last few weeks we’ve had snow which is rare London these days and with the passing of vernal equinox, someone needed to remind Ostara her winter break was over and get to work! But as I sit here writing this there is faint hint of spring in the air and it… View Post

I will live with you in the hellhole but I must express myself! Delia Deetz We all wanted to be Lydia, cool and quirky in her oversized hat but deep down I’ve always know I’m Delia, slightly unhinged and my art will probably kill me, not physically like Delia’s almost did but the agony over what to create probably will.… View Post