I’ll Be Back!



You’re probably used to me by now saying I’m working on stuff, I have plans, I’m making changes and plans and whatnot, and seeing various changes happening to this website every now and then. In the grand scheme of things I’m just one person and so everything takes time and patience(something I don’t have a lot of). It’s been in my plan for a while to change this over from a blog to my full on website with a shop for a while. What’s been putting me off, nothing really it’s these things take time and whilst it looks like I’m off the radar doing nothing I’m actually doing an incredible amount of admin work behind the scenes.

I’m not gonna lie this year has been hard, everything was going well and then it wasn’t but I realises I’m not alone in this and others struggling too. I could give up, trust me the urge in strong right now or I could just keep going, which is what I’ve decided to do in-between the episodes of doubt and impostor syndrome! Recently Etsy announced some new changes, it felt like a kick in the teeth to the independent artists and crafters that helped build the platform. We expect fee hikes, we expect changes but ever since they started floating on the stock exchange it became all about the investors and not the users. Etsy used to have strict rules about handmade and vintage, so strict I used to worry about my stuff not being good to be on there, now it’s saturated with mass-produced goods and it’s like they are no longer the champion of the indie creatives but see themselves as heading to the corporate big league.

Maybe I’m wrong, that’s just how it feels. I with a number of other users have seen our stats drop significantly over the last year, search and hits are low, those like myself who were doing fairly well, no longer are and now they want us to pay even more to help advertise to bring in more customers. I get how business works, the sole goal is to make money but so many of these companies are selling out to investors. Like Fb, Instagram they’re pushing sponsored ads to get your work seen but it only hits a limited audience so you end up paying out more, tiered packages tailored for bigger brands which says it all really. Free users who actually pay a fair whack in fees are being pushed aside for the bigger brands! Also the marketing is geared towards US-based only. Tiered packages sound great on paper but it’s just an all frills and no real substance, so I’m taking the leap and moving over to my own website.

I say move over, I’m already here, I’m just going to transfer a bunch of stuff over to here and streamline (yes even more), which means letting go of my Etsy shops. The new one I set up isn’t doing well at all, even with constant promoting, the stats are low. So I’ve set my time frame, I have lots of policies to write, research to do, things to make and photos to take. I’ll be one of those annoying sites with a newsletter pop up. I’ve giving up blogging for the meantime to concentrate on this, that and other projects I am working on. The problem with half these projects is that most of it takes time and in a world where constant social media presence is required to keep on the radar, it can seem like people are doing nothing but I am.

So I’ve set myself a deadline, I will be back, hopefully this won’t be in vain, timing wise this might be a blessing as this time of year is pretty quiet anyway, maybe this was the nudge I needed to take the plunge and actually get out of my comfort zone rather than just talking about. Whatever the case maybe, wish me luck and I’ll see you in a while for the relaunch!

Craft Supplies for Sale


Just a quick update on the craft supplies clear out. Turns out I have way more stuff than I remembered, after sorting out and grading stuff I have decided to put a bunch of stuff as job lots on Ebay! So they are uber cheap, perfect for anyone starting out in crafting or starting a small creative business who needs cheap supplies to practice or work with etc. Auctions end Tuesday 12th!

I have temporarily reopened my old Etsy shop to clear out fabrics, patterns and some of the better condition craft supplies. I’ll be adding some more next week as I count up, package, photograph and list. I’ll keep this shop open for as long as because at some point I will just need to move on completely, so I can focus on my next chapter/work phase.


For what is currently my main shop, I am still making things, there will be fewer ranges than planned at the moment and I’m basically working with what supplies I have decided to keep for this and see how it goes. Updates will be less often as I’m planning on spending a lot more time on my artwork, which we all know takes time and patience.

I’m thinking about re-opening my depop to sell off some personal pieces because I’m not sure where else to sell off old clothes and jewellery. eBay just seems to be full of people who want stuff for nothing. I mean I know money is tight but I still gotta make some money whilst business is lean! Any suggestions for selling sites alternative to ebay are welcome.

Obviously being a ‘one-man band’ operation, things take a little longer than I always anticipate, like having to wait for semi decent light day to photograph stuff. Why is when you want to photograph stock the sun always goes into hiding? Anyway thank you as always for your patience and support.


Craft Supply Clear Out


Hello friends,

It’s been a while since I did an update as I’m slowly shifting this over to my main work website but these things take time. I’ve swapped the old blog which has now gone for a news/update section about work and projects. My intentions still stand to add a portfolio and possibly a shop but that’s a few good months away at the moment whilst I work away in the background setting things up.

As some of you know I’m shifting directions creatively and I’m finally taking the plunge and getting back to painting and writing, which means I need to make space time wise and physically to be able to do so. As much as I love making stuff, I don’t have time to do everything, I can as they say do anything but not everything. So I’m scaling back and focusing on old areas of interest that I never had time to before.

As I come up to my fourth year of being self-employed, this year so far has been a lot about change and refocus. It’s totally okay to change the direction of your work anytime you want to, experiment with the new ideas and do something completely different that you originally intended. I’ve been clearing out a lot of stuff over the last few months to keep the flat nice and tidy and now it’s time to tackle my work space. I have thanks to a number of brainwaves and generous donations from other crafters, accumulated a lot of craft supplies that I no longer really need or want. I’ve sent a fair few bits over the year to the charity shop but the good stuff I kept. However, I need to make space so that I can paint and do the other art and photography projects I want to do, so I’m temporarily reopening my old Etsy store to sell these off as I’ve literally run out of storage space.

There will be a fair old mix of things, mostly fabric and haberdashery supplies. I’ll also be throwing in some hair accessories items, sewing patterns, wool and various other bits I no longer need. So keep an eye as I’ll be adding things over the next week or so once I measured and photographed. But will announce once that’s done. I will still be using my other Etsy shop for the time being to sell off some handmade bits and pieces but there are no plans for any seasonal collections at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by


Less Is More

20180505_093410 (2)

I don’t think I’m a very good blogger, I mean I post regularly but I’m no longer sure why as my intention for this blog has gone way off track. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much money setting up a professional site for my upcoming work and projects, I kinda don’t want to feel like I’m wasting it by letting it sit here gathering dust but that’s definitely not the answer.

Like all bloggers I think I have something to share,  that I can put a new spin on old story, shed some light on a problem, maybe I share because I just need to get something off my chest and I inadvertently go off on a tangent by writing long and rambling posts. I get that I’m never going to be one of those popular bloggers, I’m too opinionated, too honest and I never play it safe. I came to the stark realisation off the back of a comment someone made about losing advertising deals because they were ‘too’ political that maybe my ranting and raving could be putting people off or the other stark realisation, I’m not saying anything new or interesting. Don;t worry this is not a pity party I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m simply stating that it might be time to take a break from blogging to concentrate on building this site for what I originally intended, which is a portfolio and shop for my work.

The other day I had an idea for a project, it’s going to take time, research and learning to create it, along with making things for my shop and various other projects I’ve started I need to reevaluate how I split my time. I’ve let go of blogging before, I can let go again. I said in a previous post I should save my long and wordy posts for a novel, which I really should finish, if I’m going to then something else has got to give way.

Social media is changing, it used to be about cross posting to every platform which is time-consuming and a little repetitive but now I think it’s more about picking your platform or two of preference and working with that. I like Twitter and Instagram, I’ll carry on sharing my sewing and projects over on Insta because I like that I can do a quick updates on instastories, as it’s little like vlogging but less about perfection, no editing required and also deletes after a while. After deleting my vintage account, I finally set up an account for my adventures in photography, I was inspired to finally take the plunge and share more by Yasumi from Worship Blues and her fabulous project Super Ordinary Life.

Maybe I’ll change this from a blog to a news section in regards to work releases and whatnot but I’m definitely going to be working on getting this site to what I need to be. Anyway I’ll stop rambling now and if you see changes you know why.

Hello May

first day of may

I realised after yesterday’s extremely long ramble I need to get out of a rut. I write because I need to get the things out of my head but I fear I’m veering off course and I need to get back on track. I’m so easily distracted and need to work on focusing more. So I’ve decided to keep my huge word counts for finishing my novel instead! I like blogging, I like writing, I like sharing in the hopes that it helps someone else or make someone else feel less inadequate when they see what a hash I’m making of my own life.

Some things you cannot change, so you have to change your attitude in how you deal with them. May might turns out to be just as disastrous as April but the sunshine this morning gives me a different vibe, funny how sunshine changes our perception of everything, as I said in an Instagram post this morning sunshine is the best filter. When it’s raining and cold, it’s damp and miserable but when it’s cold and sunny the weather is fresh and invigorating. I feel invigorated this morning, which is nice because it’s been a while since I felt that way. I move with the seasons, it’s time to stop hibernating and come out of my slumber and get on with things. I spend far too much time saying, rather than doing!


I was woken up before 6 this morning by one of the demon cats, Frank likes to get up at the crack of dawn because he’s well a cat and human sleep hours are an inconvenience to him! I forgave him though look at that face, that and the fact that when I opened the back door to let him out, the blue sky was streaked with orange clouds as the sun rose, the birds were chirping and the air was fresh and crisp, a stark contrast to yesterday’s dark and grey rain. I wish I had the energy to stay awake and enjoy the moment but tiredness walked me back to my bed instead and I overslept. Damn you cats fighting at half past midnight!

I have set myself goals for the year and they are getting done, albeit slowly but I’m being less strict with time frames and it is helping ease the pressure. I was talking about how routines are important and they are but this month I want to work on reestablishing some good habits, like going for a walk, reading more, sewing more, even if it’s for five or ten minutes a day. I took all these photos on my phone this morning, spent 2 minutes cropping and editing because that’s all it has to really take, just two minutes.

yellow tulips

I bought these tulips the other day because I was sick of the grey weather and the flat needed splash of colour, they reminded of little bursts of sunshine. This morning they have woken up and bloomed and I feel the same.